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Katti Zoób 2018

4th April, 2018
7.30 pm

Pesti Vigadó — Ceremonial Hall

Ticket prices: 3000 Ft

Pesti Vigadó

Vigadó tér 2.
+36 1 328 3440

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Katti Zoób 2018

Katti Zoób 2018

Fairy Tale Haute Couture

“...and they lived happily ever after.” This is usually how the beautiful fairy tales we believe in as children end. It will not be the end now, however, but the beginning of a fashion show at the Budapest Spring Festival: for a day in April, the KATTI ZOÓB 2018 S/S HAUTE COUTURE show will transform Vigadó into a fantastic world.

Donkeyskin’s wonderful symbols will tell a tale, with a mood that transforms the tale into fashion, which was inspired by an imagination suffused with our past, and lends a new life to the fairy tale. Enclosed in a donkey skin, the exiled prince is accompanied by the beautiful tale of acceptance from one country to the next, until he finds happiness in the end.

The inherent conflict of fashion is that you need to be different in each season, while you’re expected to be recognizable, permanent in style. In the fairy tale of Katti Zoób Fashion House, every dress is turned into a paradox by time, the deep cultural message, the exquisiteness of haute couture, and the contemporary simplicity of youth.

The Fairy Tale Haute Couture show is a special, richly imaginative crossover production, which talks about the past, the present and the future through the optics of fashion. It transforms the dramatis personae with music and apparel, symbolizing the character of each people, the beauty of the culture in each country.

“I have been harbouring this story for over thirty years, waiting for a chance to render it and illustrate it with my own means. Tales are means of expression which we all love, which act on a wide scale, are conceptual and surreal, thought-provoking and charming, and allow us to find ourselves in their magical worlds.”

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