Miklós Lukács and his Guests

19th April, 2018
8.00 pm

Pesti Vigadó — Ceremonial Hall
Edina Szirtes Mókus – violin, Mihály Dresch – fuhun Béla Szakcsi Lakatos – piano, Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom

Ticket prices: 2900 Ft, 3900 Ft

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Pesti Vigadó

Vigadó tér 2.
+36 1 328 3440

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Miklós Lukács 
Photographer: Zsófia Raffay

Miklós Lukács and his Guests

Over the years, playing in duo has become an essential part of my musical career. I like it very much because it can set off the most honest and exciting adventures in musical genres where improvisation is part and parcel of the music. Whatever the musical situation, sustained concentration and flawless attention to your partner are key to a true, good duo.

The musicians I have invited to play with me this evening have been my duo partners for years. I have learned a great deal from their playing, they have been a tremendous source of inspiration.

I love every moment of our joint flights in music, whether it be jazz, Hungarian folk music or some contemporary improvisation. The bottom line is the same in each case: to be in the music in every minute of it. (Miklós Lukács)

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