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Orchestral concerts
March 29th
Palace of Arts - Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, 7:30 pm
Smetana: Vltava
Dvořák: Violin concerto in A minor, op. 53
Martinů: Symphony No. 1
Conductor: Vladimír Válek
With: Dmitri Berlinsky – violin
The Czech Republic is greeting Budapest with masterpieces of Czech music. The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra established in 1926 is one of Europe’s prestigious old ensembles. It has played under the baton of such great conductors as Charles Munch, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Sir Charles Mackerras and Vaclav Neumann. Famous composers – Honegger, Khachaturian, Penderecki – also conducted the ensemble. After the Second World War it was headed by Karol Ancerl, Alois Klima and Jaroslav Krombholc and at present it is under the direction of Vladimír Válek. It is now considered to be one of the leading radio orchestras. Together with its principal conductor the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra has taken part in successful concert tours and made many recordings. Válek has recorded all Martinů’s symphonies with this ensemble.
“Our Guest the Czech Republic”

Prices: 8500, 7500, 6500, 4500, 2500, 1500 HUF

Chamber evenings
March 29th
Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio, 7:30 pm
Recital by Ádám Banda (violin) and Mária Kovalszki (piano)
We regret to inform you that the viloin recital by Lev Solodovnikov has been cancelled.
The concert is free but you are kindly requested to register in advance.
March 29th
Hungarian State Opera House, 7:00 pm
Haydn: Orfeo ed Euridice, or The Soul of the Philosopher – première
Orfeo: Kenneth Tarver
Euridice: Andrea Rost
Kreon: Csaba Szegedi
The soul: Júlia Hajnóczy
Pluto: Krisztián Cser
Conductor: Ádám Fischer
With: Orchestra and Choir of Hungarian State Opera House
Director: Sándor Zsótér
Stage sets: Mária Ambrus
Costumes: Mari Benedek
Choirmaster: Máté Szabó Sipos
The joys of Haydn’s first visit to London were tempered with a little bitterness. The orchestra had barely played the first forty bars of the overture at the first rehearsal of Orfeo ed Euridice, or The Soul of the Philosopher when it was interrupted by representatives of the authorities who, in the name of the king and parliament, ordered that all work on the opera be stopped, saying that no performance could be held in a theatre that had been built without a permit. This happened in the spring of 1791, in London’s Italian opera house rebuilt after the fire. Haydn never heard his last and perhaps most popular opera: the première was not held until 160 years later. The libretto expands the basic story of the myth, adding the figure of Arideus, a rival of Orpheus, and in contrast with the operas of Monteverdi and Gluck, it also presents the tragic death of Orpheus. If the incident in London had not prevented further work, it is quite possible that Haydn would have ended the work with an epilogue that would perhaps have thrown light on the meaning of the enigmatic sub-title.
Opera in four acts, in two parts, sung in Italian.
A joint production with the Hungarian State Opera House.

Prices: 16900, 12700, 9200, 6200, 2800, 1900, 1000 HUF

InterNational Theatre Festival
March 29th
National Theatre - Gobbi Hilda Stage, 7:00 pm
Guest Performance of the St Petersburg State Drama Theatre “Priut Сomedianta”
“It is not Hamlet”
Based on Dismorphomania by Vladimir Sorokin
Director: Andrei Moguchi
Stage sets and costumes: Emil Kapeljus
Lighting: Denis Solntsev
Video: Alexandr Malisev
Sound: Andrei Sizintsev

With the “Benzolnie Mertveci” (Dead Benzol) punk group.
After Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead and Heiner Müller’s Hamlet/Machine, Andrei Moguchi again turns his attention to the Danish prince, but this time the stage text is based on Vladimir Sorokin’s Dismorphomania. We can state without hesitation that the writer’s linguistic directness evoking extreme emotions and the provocative solutions of the director known for his rather unusual approach to the theatre are an excellent match on the stage, although it is worth knowing that at the Moscow premiere the author created a stir by walking out of the auditorium.
Moguchi generally gives a snapshot of the present state of culture, his productions reflect the given moment. It’s not Hamlet is a grotesque and ironic protest against the commercialisation of the theatre and the rule of mass-produced stars; contemporary total theatre with video installation and punk music.
We can expect an exciting and unusual theatre evening!
The performance is recommended for persons over 16 and with strong nerves.
Theatre performance in Russian with Hungarian simultaneous interpretation.
A joint programme with the National Theatre.

Price: 4500 HUF

Special treats
March 29th
Thália Theatre, 7:00 pm
Semianyki –
Addams family Russian style: comic portrait of a crazy family
Guest performance of the Teatr Licedei of St Petersburg

For details, see under the performance on March 26.
The most amusing and least predictable family of our time
Plastic movement and mime, musical accompaniment and pure expressive power replace words. Laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, good and evil – these are the simple emotions and truths appearing in the art of the Licedei that everybody understands no matter what their backgrounds are. The Licedei is ranked among the world’s leading companies in the clown theatre category.
Prices: 4000, 3000 HUF

Open-air programmes
March 29th
Vörösmarty Square, 11:00 am
Open-air programme
Once again the 28th National Dance House Gathering and Crafts Fair will be held on the last weekend of the festival. As a foretaste, this weekend amateur and professional participants at the event will give visitors an introduction to the world of folk music and folk dance.

11.00 am Presentation of traditions: recruiting, greeting spring
11.20 am Gábor Bányavári and friends play Hungarian folk music
11.30 am “Woman’s fate” – performance by the Nagykun Dance Ensemble
12.15 pm “I went to the fair” – games and dances
1.00 pm Moldavian dances and dance teaching
2.00 pm Presentation of traditions: recruiting, military life
2.10 pm Presentation of traditions: greeting spring, custom of the green branch
2.30 pm Girls’ dance from Magyarbőd
2.00 pm “I went to the fair” – games and dances
4.00 pm Dances of the Great Plain – performance by the Kisújszállás Basic Arts School
5.00 pm Moldavian dances and dance teaching

With participation of the Nagykun Dance Ensemble, the Kisújszállás Basic Arts School and the Bokorvirág Traditional Ensemble led by Kata Herczegh
Throughout the festival craft demonstrations, a traditional market, delicious folk gastronomy and in the afternoons a folk music concert and dance teaching await visitors to Vörösmarty Square.
March 29th
Palace of Arts, 6:00 pm
Hommage à Bohuslav Martinů
Exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the composer’s death
Bohuslav Martinů, (1890–1959) Czech composer and violinist, is one of the major figures of 20th century Czech music. The images and multimedia materials of the chamber exhibition arranged to mark the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death have been made available by the Martinů Institute of Prague.

Curator: Sandra Bergmannová
„Our Guest the Czech Republic”

March 29 – April 6

Open: Monday – Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Special programmes
March 29th
Petőfi Literary Museum, 11:00 am
Conference of Book Publishers
The chances of contemporary literature in Europe
Publishers participating: Rowohlt, Suhrkamp, Ullstein/Claassen (Germany), Gallimard, Acte Sud (France), WAB, Czarne (Poland), Novoje Lityeraturnoje Obozrenyije (Russia), Fraktura (Croatia), Belletrina (Slovenia), El Acantilado/Quaderns Crema (Spain), Svante Weyler Bokförlag (Sweden), Magvető (Hungary)

Other events
March 29th
Millenáris Fogado, 12:00 pm
“Czech Stars”
Stars of Czech beer, gastronomy, jazz, tourism and industry
Jana Koubková Quartet

With: Jana Koubková – voice, Ondřej Kabrna – piano, accordion; Jan Keller – cello; Jan Červenka – percussion
“Our Guest the Czech Republic”

The programme is open between 27–29 from 12.00 am until 12.00 pm.

(Further information: +36 1 462-5066)

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